In the footsteps of «MammaMia»

Northern Sporades is one of the most amazing places in Greece. A large archipelago consists of 11 islands, however, only 4 of them are inhabited: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros.

Skiathos and Skopelos gained popularity due to the development of tourism infrastructure and amazingly beautiful nature. The atmosphere of the picturesque islands predisposes to the long pedestrian walks and romantic evenings. It strucked the British filmmaker Fellidu Lloyd and inspired to create musical based on the song of «ABBA». Legendary musical «MammaMia» had been shooting here, so these islands quickly gained popularity around the world.

The shooting process took place on two island. Actors worked on Skiathos for a few days. You will find the old port of this island, where they met men who claim to be the father of the beautiful Sophie.

Then the crew went to Skopelos that is even more beautiful Greek area. Residents of the island are proud of Hollywood history that occurred in their homeland. Papadiamanti street has a film session in the open air, where anyone can see the favorite musical every week. Watching the movie turns into a real dance with songs and endless fun.

A trip «In the footsteps of MammaMia» is an excursion for tourists of all ages and income levels. If you have ordered it, you are waiting for the stunning scenery and legendary musical, which can be seen in the film frames, a delicious dinner and wonderful stories and legends about the shooting process.

Actors admitted in numerous interviews that shooting the film version of the musical «MammaMia» was more like a vacation or an adventure on the sunny islands. Celebrity were shocked by the magnificent Greek nature and were pleasantly surprise by the locals hospitality. Registration of marriage in «MammaMia» style has become a new wave of popular Greek tourism. Wedding on the shores near the azure sea accompanied by music of the legendary band is the dream of Hollywood actors and is available to everyone.