In the footsteps of Gerald Durrell

English zoologist Gerald Durrell wrote about Corfu. Thanks to its ingenious and exciting sketches of the life on the island that described myrtle groves, chafer, turtles, azure sea, afternoon sleep under the shade of olive and carefree atmosphere of happiness. Despite the fact that the beauty of the island captivated many famous people like Goethe and Oscar Wilde, Durrell has made the greatest contribution to the popularization of this paradise. The whole world has rediscovered the fabulous Corfu thanks to his trilogy «My family and other animals» first published in 1956.

Many years later, in 2006, the island's authorities have noted that contribution by renaming Boschetto Park in honor of Durrells. His brother Lawrence Durrell, the famous English writer, had also dedicated a book «Prospero's cell» to Corfu. This book was translated to many languages.

Gerald wanted to write a book about the rich nature of the island, but, letting the first page of their loved ones, it turned into almost a collection of anecdotal stories about the life of a mad Englishmen family among the simple natives. When in 1936, Durrell family came to the island, it was untouched by modern civilization.  There were no gas and electricity in the island. Sewage was built by Napoleon Bonaparte and has never repaired. Thats why many days of searches have gone on to find a suitable house, which would have a bathroom.

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Watching the sunset in Greece

When the last sun rays say «Goodbye» is the moment when nature becomes mysterious. Amazing colors form a indescribable beauty. Mysterious glow fills the sky and sun goes to the night journey, while the sea horizon and the clouds are shining purple-red. There are not enough words to describe what you’ll feel. Your heart will beat faster and your mind will be open for the nature.

Neither your eyes, nor your soul will find nothing compares with Greek sunset. You can also take your camera and capture the wonderful moments when the sun:

But the best is yet to come! The most interesting place in Greece that is attractive for its beautiful and probably most famous sunsets in the world is Santorini. If you are traveling here, try santorini volcano tour. You'll see mysterious sunset and taste wonderful wine made from grapes that were grown near volcano. Thousands of romantic visitors climb the roof tops in Oia, Fira and Imerovigli to see the breathtaking panorama. When the sun sinks in the Aegean Sea, tourists will explode with applause.


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In the footsteps of «MammaMia»

Northern Sporades is one of the most amazing places in Greece. A large archipelago consists of 11 islands, however, only 4 of them are inhabited: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros.

Skiathos and Skopelos gained popularity due to the development of tourism infrastructure and amazingly beautiful nature. The atmosphere of the picturesque islands predisposes to the long pedestrian walks and romantic evenings. It strucked the British filmmaker Fellidu Lloyd and inspired to create musical based on the song of «ABBA». Legendary musical «MammaMia» had been shooting here, so these islands quickly gained popularity around the world.

The shooting process took place on two island. Actors worked on Skiathos for a few days. You will find the old port of this island, where they met men who claim to be the father of the beautiful Sophie.

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